My Journey

I became a vegan in 2005 after both my father and aunt passed away due to stomach and bowel cancers. It really affected me as the cause of colon cancer was "Undigested meat in the colon, so I decided that I wouldn’t eat any animal products, and would focus on the quality of my diet in order to avoid a similar fate.

I began bodybuilding in 2015 with the National Physique Committee, mainly because I gained a lot of weight after becoming a vegan, but also to give me something to concentrate on after my husband’s unfortunate death in a motorcycle accident. We had only been married a year and his passing affected me greatly, and I needed something to motivate me out of that very dark place.

I first competed as a non-vegan at the age of 30, and placed 3rd. This was easily one of my biggest accomplishments, and I lost 70lbs along the way. In 2015 I competed as a vegan, and managed to drop my weight to 123lbs. I competed again in 2017 and came 2nd. Motivated by my success, I started a non-profit called The Heart of Africa to help vulnerable families in war-torn countries. I learned so much on my journey and have made it my mission to share this information with the world.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping someone enjoy their life again. I’m currently training for my certification with the American Council on Exercise, and I’m pursuing a career in fitness modeling.